Exploring and intervention are critical tasks related to oil, gas and petroleum industries. To explore wells, it is necessary to rely on wireline services, which basically help clients and businesses in discovering more intricate details and get actionable data about oil fields. Companies like Renegade Wireline Services have been engaged in the industry for years, and with the help of proprietary technologies, they have allowed clients to explore oil wells better, not just for finding new details but also for monitoring and intervention as required.

More on wireline services

The need for wireline services has always been consistent in the oil & gas industry. In case of wirelines, single or multiple-strand wires are used in a gas well, which allows a company to get all the necessary information that they need. The wireline services use tools called wireline tools, and in recent years, many companies have developed their own proprietary and unique technologies, which helps businesses involved in oil exploration, evaluation and production to take necessary parameters. From finding simple details like pressure and temperature, to finding more information on formation analysis

Wireline vs. slicklines

Slicklines are not same as wirelines. Slicklines are also used in the oil & gas industry, but these are single strands that are primarily used for lowering tools and objects in the well. Keep in mind that slicklines are not used for evaluation or finding details about a well – a task for which wireline services are absolutely necessary. Wireline services are also necessary for drilling, stimulation of a well, and as we had mentioned earlier, multiple strands can be used as required. The recovery of reserves and utilizing field components get easier with wirelines, and in this case, electric wirelines are often used, which is not the case with slicklines. The need for actionable reservoir data is a real concern, and wireline services help with that, so that companies can diagnose and discover issues downhole and pinpoint bypassed production and do the necessary assessment.

In conclusion

For asset discovery and aspects related to it, the need for wireline services in respect to oil fields and gas wells cannot be denied, and this is a task that’s traditionally outsourced for getting the maximum benefits. You can always choose to check online and find more details on how to find the best wireline services, and don’t forget to compare companies based on their expertise and industry experience.