Tools 101: Things You Need To Know About Hydraulic Tensioners!

The scope of industrial tools is huge. For the uninitiated, hydraulic tensioners are tools used for stretching bolts that have large diameters, so that the accurate preload can be achieved. The use of hydraulic tensioners is extensive in many industries, more for the need of installing a bunch of bolts aptly, without any additional concerns of inaccuracies caused by friction. Understanding hydraulic tensioners and the mechanism behind the same are easy aspects, some of which are discussed below.

How do hydraulic tensioners work?

Much like other industrial tools, the use of hydraulic tensioners is rather easy. The operator will take the tool and place it in the desired position. It includes a bridge, piston and what’s called a puller, and these elements have to be placed properly. Once that’s done, hydraulic pressure will be used, which helps in stretching the required bolt. Since the bolt is now stretched, the operator can turn the nut as required simply with hands, which further helps in stretching. Note that hydraulic tensioners are considered to be one of the primary torque tools and have applications in many niche industries.

Buying your torque tools

If you are looking for hydraulic tensioners for industrial work, you are probably aware that there are a bunch of styles and varied choices, so asking for an estimate or looking for a price bracket is not the right idea. How the tool will be used, the volume of the order, and the style of hydraulic tensioner you need will determine the final price. There are many online vendors with a comprehensive list of tools, and they can help in finding products that can be ideal for completing a current project. Many companies and manufacturers also offer assistance with training, so your team can have a fair idea of how to use the hydraulic tensioners and other industrial tools that have been purchased. This is a great way of prolonging the use and lifespan of the tool, because you won’t be spending on these every month.

If you are shopping for hydraulic tensioners online, we strongly recommend that you check for a company that specializes in industrial tools and seek their inputs on the actual production process. The quality of hydraulic tensioners does make a difference, so do not compromise on that aspect. Don’t shy away from asking about product aftersales assistance, and compare estimates based on the quality of products being sold.

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