Common Forestry Equipment Makes Forest Operations Smooth for Loggers

Loggers and foresters need different kinds of heavy equipment for doing the cutting and processing of trees properly. Different kinds of machinery are designed for harvesting, excavating, seedling and furnishing the forestland. Such machinery and equipment make the heavy tasks to be done in the forest easier, faster and safer.

Some of the common forestry equipment used in the forest activities are given below in brief. You can even visit the website and gain lots of information in detail.


Delimbers are generally mounted on excavators. They are used to remove branches from fallen down trees. Different kinds of delimbers are available for forest projects.

  • Slide boom
  • Gate
  • Stroke
  • Chain flail
  • Pull-through

Feller buncher

Feller buncher is a common kind of timber harvesting machine. A heavy-duty motor is attached to the Feller-buncher. It cuts and gathers the trees before they fall on the ground. The equipment has a heavy base including a tree grabbing device that includes a shear attachment. These don’t have processing capabilities.


Forwarder carries the large felted logs from stumps towards the roadside landing. The logs get carried properly above the ground without affecting the soil underneath. Forwarders are paired with a harvester or with equipment that needs to be cut-to-length.


Heavy-duty, self-propelled forestry equipment, frequently used in the logging operations to fell, delimbs and buck trees to specific lengths.


A piece of wheeled equipment used to pull logs. The equipment grabs the trees and logs with the help of chokers or grapplers.


A small tracked machine used to grind thick bushes, trees, and limbs into woody mulch. They differ from the ones used in home landscaping projects. These are equipped with a swinging hammer or a fixed-tooth rotor.

Mulcher reduces hazards and improves habitat. They are available in a variety of sizes and configuration. Mulchers can also be on tracks, booms, and wheels or front-mounted.

Log loaders

Log loaders help to stack as well as sort the timber into piles. Right size piles allow loaders to move them to the transport truck. Three kinds of loaders are available including tracked, wheeled, and trailer-mounted.


The cable system is used to fly or pull logs towards the landing. Yarders incorporate spar, drums, and engine but also have different ranges and configurations like swing yarder.

If you are planning to become a logger or a forester, then you will have to invest in this equipment. It will help to make your process efficient and smooth.

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