Steel Plates And Their Various Uses

Steel plates are usually manufactured at smaller and more specialized plants or large steel factories in Houston. Steel plates are just one of many different types of products that are produced including steel sheets, slabs, bars, rolls and more.

For various construction and structural applications steel plates are often used. In addition, you will even find them in pressure vessels, military applications, marine or offshore equipment. Thus you can see steel plates have many uses.


Steel plate obtained from metal supply Houston can be a generic and broad term of steel, which is in plate form. However, steel can be combined with few other metals to make an alloy, which is more corrosion-resistant, lighter and stronger.

Besides, alloy made from steel plate can have thickness ranging from 3/16” to several inches. As an example, steel plate’s pressure vessel application may only need ¾” thickness, and military grade testing may need as much thickness as it is possible.


Construction industries need different types of steel with various sizes. Steel plates are found in bridges, buildings and on the construction vehicles.

There are many companies who make structural steel plates to be used in sports airports, stadiums, pre-fabricated buildings, railway stations, warehouses and vehicles.

Pressure vessel plate

The pressure vessel plates are used for various storage containers.  Storage containers are mainly gas tanks, boilers or any unit, which stores compressed fluid or gas.

They can also be manufactured for holding contents at the temperature of the outdoor or hold contents under more extreme temperatures. Based on purpose, steel plates may be fine-grain or course-grain.


In shipbuilding industries, steel plates are extensively used. These plates are even used in ships and barges and other equipment used for offshore. They can also be manufactured parts or they can be implemented for repair purposes.

Often extremely durable type of steel plates is needed, especially in construction of very large offshore facilities for marine application.


Department of Defense usually needs higher-grade steel plates meant for use in different military buildings and vehicles. Steel industries manufacture steel as per the purposes or standards that are set by Department of Defense as well as its other departments like Army, Navy and Air Force.

These military steel plates can also be used in jeeps, tanks, trucks and other ground vehicles, and even helicopters, jets or many other aircraft.

Navy also uses this steel in naval and shipbuilding repair.

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