Why Is Link Building Beneficial SEO Strategy?

In link building, web pages from your website are linked with other sites through hyperlinks. The goal is to promote your website. Business site needs traffic from search, so there is a need to secure links consistently from relevant websites. It means link building.

To create a website is as valuable as creating links. They are vital for SEO, audience development and marketing. Website without link will not get traffic from other websites or search engines.

How links get created?

  • Starting point – Links point of origin or opening is called ‘anchor’ or is identified as ‘a’.
  • Referral location – referral location reveals where URL points. It can be an image, download file or another web page. This link section is called ‘href’. If it starts with ‘a#’, means different section on same web page.
  • Visible link text – The text is underlined in blue indicating that the link can be clicked.
  • Closure – Search engines get to know that link is completed.

How you secure links matter?

Inbound links number defines the popularity of blog or website. In addition, link quality is a crucial algorithm used to determine page rank on search engine. After you started a blog or launched a website, it is advisable to spend some time in the start to build links, so as to gain more exposure on Google.

Incoming links matter because Google rewards the ones coming from authority sources. Effective link building strategy means getting authentic links from trustworthy websites rather than building unlimited links.

Benefits of creating links are –

  • More blog visibility on search result page.
  • Gain traffic from linked sites.
  • Quality incoming links indicate your site as valuable resource.
  • Link building helps getting indexed quickly by search engines.
  • Vital element of SEO.
  • Builds great relationships.
  • Helps brand promotion and awareness.

Effective strategies used for link building

  • Great content creation that people will like to share
  • Create captivating content, which entities will wish to link and refer.
  • Blogging
  • Guest blogging
  • Directory submission
  • Infographics
  • Epic videos
  • Social bookmarking websites

How to create a proper link building strategy for a niche site?

  • Backlink profile analysis – Understand the quantity and quality of links connected to your site.
  • Linkable asset analysis – Linkable pages are the ones that serve valuable information in the form of videos, guides, tips, resources, sponsorships, testimonials, tools, etc.
  • Keyword research – Identify the relevant keywords visitors use when they search online.
  • Niche analysis – Review your niche, competition and community.

Link building structure is organic and changes consistently, so be flexible to make changes. As long as your content is worth linking, the effort put in building links will be worthy overtime.

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