Transforming Your New Office Into A Productive Working Environment

Moving your office to a new property is a major step for any business. Still, with the right research, the correct design choices, and an experienced installation partner, you can provide your company with an exceptional asset for years to come. Approach your office refit not as a problem but as a superb opportunity to create a contemporary, welcoming environment where staff are engaged and, therefore, productive. We’ll discuss how to progress your project, what major areas you should focus on and how they can combine to form the end product.

Starting Your Journey

Before you make any major decisions, it is always a good idea to undertake some research; the internet is a great place to do this; searching for office fit-out Cheltenham‘ or something similar should give you a list of local specialists. Take some time to view their products and services and make notes of any you might use on your project; this may also be helpful in identifying a suitable refit partner for your new premises. Once you’ve done your research, start your project with these great steps –

  • Establish your goals and set your budget.
  • Appoint a project manager to run the refit.
  • Conduct brainstorming sessions with your staff to identify their needs.
  • Produce a design brief for the refit specialist to work to.

During the project, it’s always good practice to keep staff fully briefed as to what is happening; this keeps them engaged and maintains effectiveness. Let’s now move on to look at the specific areas of the office.

The Office Components

When planning your office refit, you should compile your design brief with consideration given to everything from floor to ceiling; there are some major areas to focus on as they are especially important, they are-

  • Partitioning Systems – how you separate the workspace can be critical; systems using glazed, or drywall partitions are options depending on your needs. Glass partitions are increasingly popular as they can be used to spread healthy natural light throughout the office.
  • Décor – Hugely effective in creating the right mood in the office, paint, vinyl wall coverings, or plastering are choices available. The colour scheme can uplift staff and enhance productivity. Increased green planting can also benefit the office surroundings.
  • Furniture – advances in modern ergonomic design mean numerous options from seating to complete workstations; bright colours can combine with the décor to produce an excellent overall effect.
  • Lighting – is enormously important as natural light is linked to staff wellness; modern led lighting can now be used to create the same effect.
  • Staff Areas – Break rooms, kitchens, and washrooms are all essential in giving staff space to relax and decompress during their downtime.
  • Office Infrastructure – Improving your IT, the number of data sockets and other office equipment will all make your business function more effectively.

By effectively combining the different colours and materials, an office environment can embrace and encourage new working methods while maximising the available space. In creating a happy and healthy workplace, you will engage your staff and allow them to perform to their full potential, start planning your office refit with confidence today.

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