Surge arresters are commonly used as protection means for electrical equipment and for managing switching operations with a variety of different voltages. Surge arresters and protection devices have been a common solution in a wide range of industries.

These types of surge arresters are often produced using a metal oxide resistor and they utilize spark gaps which are molded in a custom fashion using a silicone housing. Designed to be extremely neutral and fitting in with the design of the items they are responsible for arresting, these are solutions that can provide a wide range of improvements for preventing internal an extra no discharges.

Surge Arresters can be produced in a complete range of styles including LV, and the A2B which are designed for indoor and outdoor use as well as applications in DC and AC systems. It can also be modified for use in GIS applications.

These types of products are often designed for a long lifetime expectation and with the latest technology to ensure that there can be major protection efforts made for power solutions. These voltage-activated devices can protect a variety of sensitive equipment as well as manage voltages throughout the transportation industry. These electronic solutions can be particularly helpful for managing transient voltage surges as a suppression method. Utilizing a quality surge arrestor can be essential to protecting equipment in the transportation industry and managing emergencies through the prevention of improper power transmission and distribution.

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