With the move to employees working from home the playing field has been reset. Some of the personality types that shone bright in traditional work environments, might find that they are no longer the rising stars in the company. Some of those that were previously unnoticed might find they are now climbing the ladder of success. Different personalities are going to become valuable in the new workforce.

  • Beauty Charm and Fashion Sense: For a very long time the workforce has given favour to the beautiful people. Employees who were fashionable, fit, and easy on the eyes often received promotions and good placements despite having mediocre job performance. In an era where people can work in their pyjamas and can communicate through email. Attractiveness and social skills are no longer the assets they used to be, while attention to detail, timely completion and overall productivity is going to be the true metric of an employee’s value. Another group that will shine in this era will be the technologically adept. The rise of the nerds is upon us.
  • Self-starters: Working from home requires an extra level of responsibility. One must avoid the television and the internet and start work and remain working for reasonable lengths of time. Many people find it difficult to focus when there is no one there to catch them goofing off. People who are naturally diligent and take their work seriously are going to shine. This is perhaps an aspect of the digital shift that will be considered the most fair. Rewards based on merit rather than shallow observation.
  • Adaptable: Another group of people who will do very well with the work from home experience are those who are adaptable. Now that there has been this reset, some people are going to discover the niche opportunities that have been created. Networking between various specialties and with the advantages of digital infrastructure. Successful virtual entrepreneurs are going to be popping up and making you say, ‘why didn’t I think of that?’ There is no doubt that this shift is going to be a bonanza for a few. Maybe it is time you tried a Virtual office in Sydney.

It’s a brave new world, and some of the rules have changed. Evolution is going to favour some new characteristics, but hopefully it will also provide a more merit-based experience for workers overall. If you have been getting by on your winning smile and flashy wardrobe, perhaps it is time to fine tune some of your other skills. Everyone has a nice face for email.