Recruitment Agency: Helping Recruit Top Professionals In The Industry

Employers looking for candidates often go to recruiting firms to fill in the vacancy in their company. People get confused between the recruitment agency and the employment agency. The major difference that one can point out is that when you find a job through these

agencies, you are hired by the employer, but when an employment agency gets you a job, you become an employer of that particular agency. Professional roles are said to be found through these agencies.

Why are employers using a recruitment agency?

To shorten the time, struggle, and find a candidate for a specific role in the company, employers often go to these agencies. In the United Kingdom, these agencies are a major part of recruiting employees for the computing industries. People mostly find one of their first jobs from these agencies.

Getting employed just got easier 

These Agencies get the list of vacancies sent by the employers, then the adverts are posted on online job boards, and in other sources too—the recruitment agency lookout for new applicants who upload their CVs online job boards. While looking for an online job, the board people usually find few adverts display their company’s names. The reason behind this is agencies are not sure whether they are going to get paid. If someone is applying for a job of their caliber and apply directly to the firm, these agencies miss out on their commission fees. Some of the agencies edit the CV of the applicant and send it to the employer. Sometimes the applicant’s personal information is hidden from the employer so that there is no direct external contact between the employee and the employer. Reputed agencies never edit the CV of any of the applicants. The employer is supposed to pay the company whenever he hires an employee. Agencies get paid on the fixed fee terms or according to the starting salary. Applicants aren’t considered to pay these agencies.

If the employers one wants to work with are open to direct applicants, then a third party isn’t required in between. When one is looking for a senior job, a better agency could be of great help. Employers feel that these agencies find it hard to understand their requirements, and they don’t go well while working with these agencies if the bond between these two isn’t strong. These agencies are useful for performing a major role; hence, many of them function in the market.

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