Important Questions To Ask When Planning A Career In Aviation Industry

Professionals in the defense and aerospace industry can develop aircraft, spacecraft, weapons, and watercraft, or focus particularly on the manufacture of components required for each. They can develop information systems to process and interpret complex data.

Companies that operate in this sector, manufacture products for the federal government, space programs, and military field. If you are keen on making a career in the defense and aerospace sector, then here are a few things that you require to know.

Did you encounter any stressful situation at work?

All jobs involved in the defense and aerospace industry needs responsibility. The interviewer will test you to ensure that you have the ability to deal with a challenging situation without losing your cool. Be specific when answering this question.

You can describe any stressful situation you faced and the measures you took to accomplish the work effectively and quickly.

What are the different positions in the defense and aerospace industry?

The defense and aerospace industry is highly technical industries. There are various roles in these industries:

  • engineer
  • aerospace, mechanical, electrical, quality assurance and systems
  • aircraft electrician
  • flight inspector

Recrutement Groupe Meloche has 4 production sites that include the head office in Salaberry-de-Valleyfield and a production site in Bromont. It has more than 225 employees, an innovative machine park with turning centers and forty CNC machining.

What does the defense and aerospace industry do?

Defense and aerospace industry professionals perform a broad range of jobs. Their tasks are significant for both the company as well as for the defense and protection of the people who use technology to develop and maintain.

An electrical engineer designs and builds electronics gear for aircraft, helicopters, and spacecraft. Aerospace engineers work on military-grade systems and vehicles that protect the nation during battle, via land, sea or air.

How much does a professional in defense and aerospace industry earn?

Salary of professionals working in the defense and aerospace industry vary significantly, on the basis of the specific career path. Flight inspectors and aerospace engineers make an average earning of $80,000. Electrical engineers or QA (Quality assurance) engineers earn an average income of $70,200 and $72,000 respectively. Aircraft electricians get an average salary of $61,100, whereas physicists typically earn $105,000 income on an average basis.


So, these are some of the top questions that will help you get a good idea of the aerospace industry. This information will help you realize whether this is the right career option for you.

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