How important is it to secure a delivery schedule with my plant hire company?

Whenever you are planning a project there are many different things to look out for. Depending on what type of project you are working on and the need for plant hire equipment and machinery, there could be a pressing need to map out in fine detail the delivery schedule of your agreement with plant lease companies. When it comes to plant hire, the best companies will develop relationships with clients in order to help plan ahead to the finest detail and ensure that there are never any surprises. Building a delivery schedule should become a central part of any plant leasing agreement that you make, and if you do so effectively it will make every project run that little bit smoother.

If you are looking for a plant hire company or you have built a relationship with a plant leasing company and want to ensure that it is as effective as possible, for as long as possible, you will understand the importance of securing a delivery schedule with them. There are a few good reasons why you should look to build a clear and effective plant hire delivery schedule.

The first, is that from your point of view, you want to check with the plant leasing company that they actually have the machinery and equipment that you need, well in advance of the time you need it. You’ll also want to check that they can deliver to you at your location and on the exact times that you need everything. The last thing that you want, as a project manager, is to get to the first day on site of a new project and find that your contractors are missing certain equipment, or that they do not have access to the latest, most productive and safest models of machinery.

If you cannot guarantee when plant hire will be delivered to site, it just slows down all other aspects of a project, and this costs the project time and money. Uncertainty is an absolute killer on any site and any project. By building a strong relationship with a plant hire company, your project can run as smoothly as possible, have clear delivery schedules that fulfil your requirements and specific needs entirely and covers the event of any unforeseen accidents or machine breakdowns with a clear and concise repair and replacement service.

If you are a project manager on a construction site or another type of project where you need different types of machinery and equipment, it is important that you begin the planning process as early on as possible. Look to build relationships with national plant hire companies that can provide you with a large fleet of options, great repair and replacement services, national reach of delivery, and allows you to build the planning and delivery schedule into your contract and agreement. The best plant leasing companies understand that long-term relationships work best when both parties come to an understanding early on and rely on each other’s expertise to make an effective plan of action.

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