Evaluating The Costs Of Your Office To Try And Save Money

With money getting tighter and interest rates increasing, many businesses are looking at how much money they spend on office running costs to see where they can make savings. There are potentially many places where you can make small savings that, when all added up, can help save your company a significant amount of money. You will need to go through your business expenditure from top to bottom to see the best places you can save money without reducing the quality of your products or service you provide. Below are some aspects you can look at where you may save some money and help your business become leaner and more competitive by reducing your monthly running costs.

Shop Around For Office Consumables

There are various consumable products that your office will use regularly and that you always need to have available for your daily operations. Many companies will tend to use one supplier for everything they need as it makes it easier for them, but this is often the least cost-effective way to shop. Whether you need Leibinger ink, cleaning supplies, coffee and tea, or staples, pens, and paper, shopping around for the products you buy often can help you save considerably. Create a shopping list of everything you use monthly by going through old invoices, start looking for cheaper suppliers that offer the same high-quality products and start saving today.

Reduce The Perks

You may also have to start reducing some perks that you offer for your workers, and if not stop them entirely, offer them less frequently. There are many perks that many business offer employees, including:

  • Free Fruit & Snacks
  • Free Beer On Fridays
  • Wellness Sessions
  • Yoga/Pilates
  • Free Meals
  • Out Of Work Team Events

Although your employees may not be happy, if you sit down and explain everything to them and promise them it is temporary, most will be happy to concede the perks for a while. It can help you reduce your outgoings and keep your business steady when others are struggling.

Change Your Lighting In Your Office

You can also consider changing the lightbulbs you use in your office and choose eco-friendly LED bulbs for your office, which are much better than fluorescent strip lighting. LED bulbs will use less power and last for much longer before you need to replace them, so in the long term, they will save you money, even though you must invest in the bulbs to begin.

Reduce Your Power Consumption

You can also ask your employees to help reduce the running costs of the business by reducing the power your company uses. Turn off lights when they are not needed and keep the air conditioning at a reasonable level. Turning your heating down one or two degrees during the winter can help you save significantly on your heating bills and ask employees to wear a jumper if they get cold.

These are a few things you can do to help your business save money on its operation costs, and there are plenty of other things you can do. You can click here to get some more ideas on how your business can save money, which can help to take the stress and worry away when times are tough.

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