316 stainless steel tube pressure rating

316 stainless steel tube is one of the most used tube types in marine applications. The tube is strong, ductile and anticorrosive in nature because of the material composition. The material includes chromium, nickel and molybdenum. This mixture along with the austenitic make of the pipes makes it both strong and anticorrosive to withstand the marine environment. The marine environment is one of the most chloride ion rich environments next the chemical industries. 316 stainless steel tube is very much resistant to chloride ion corrosion stress cracking. The application of this particular pipe is preferred in marine environments.

Apart from the marine environment, the pipe is also used in other industries. Industries like sea water desalinization plants, heat exchangers, power generators, chemical industry, gas and oil industries all use stainless steel pipes. Here, the pressure containment capacities are keys to avoid cracking of a pipe in a very complex network of pipelines.

The pressure ratings allow the purchaser to know what kind of pressure the pipe could stand. The ratings depend on the outside diameter and the wall thickness of the pipe. The material also determines the pressure ratings. The pressure containment capacities are often rated in Mega Pascal. For high pressure applications, the 316 seamless stainless steel tube is preferred over the welded ones because of their cold drawn manufacturing process. These pipes are less vulnerable to cracking than the welded ones. The stainless steel tube price is also concerned when selecting the right pipe for an application.

Steel pipes are cylindrical hollow tubes made of pure steel, which are widely used in infrastructure and manufacturing. Visit amardeep steel as they also are the second most used industrial product manufactured by the steel industry worldwide. Steel pipes are used for both heating and for domestic plumbing and cooling.

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