3 Ways to Make Your Job Application Stand Above the Rest

We all know that finding a new job can be a real challenge, especially in the current climate. A lot of times we hear nothing back from employers and rarely do we get called in for an interview. If you are struggling to make an impression on the job front, it may be time to assess your CV. Is it good enough? Are there are ways in which you can optimise it?

  1. Customise Your Resume

You cannot use the same resume for all your job applications. Most jobs demand something different, so you have to tweak your resume for each new position. Before you send off your CV, read through the job description and see what they are looking for. Once you know what they are after, read about the company and customise your CV so that it matches what they are looking for in a candidate. You don’t need to constantly re-write your CV, but you do need to write a bespoke cover letter each time you apply for a job.

  1. Show Your Personality

Experts at Tom Sorensen recruitment understand the benefits of injecting your personality into a CV and cover letter. Businesses these days do care about your personality and they want to find people who fit their culture. That is why it is important to make the best parts of your personality stand out. Here are some things to include in your to help employers learn more about you as a person:

  • List your personal interests
  • Talk about your hobbies
  • Highlight unpaid positions you have held – volunteer work

All of this information helps the reader to learn more about you and whether they would like you to be part of their team.

  1. Be Innovative

Recruiters and employers get inundated with CVs for all kinds of positions and they sometimes throw away good candidates because they did not stand out. If you want to be noticed, use features that will help your resume stand out. When designing your resume, make sure you tell a visual story that captures people’s imaginations. Think about video applications and unique CV designs.

You may have all the right experience and knowledge for the job but not get chosen simply because your resume didn’t stand out. If you are having trouble with CV writing, you can always get help from a recruitment agency. They’ll help to modify your resume to ensure you put your best foot forward.

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