If you are not listed on a business directory, now is the time to get the name of your business on the list. Did you know that over 75% of consumers do research online before they buy a product or service? With everyone flocking to the internet for answers and suggestions, it is no wonder why so many businesses focus on having a presence online. Here are 3 credible reasons to use a directory to promote your small business.

  • Better Online Presence – Being listed on an online directory gives your business more exposure. If your business uses an Australian business directory, it will help boost awareness of your brand. The more business directories you add your company to, the more frequently your business will appear in online searches. Think of the directory as an additional website for your business, you need to keep it up to date to ensure customers are happy with the information they find online.
  1. Listed Profile – Attracting customers online is all about SEO. If your business performs well, it will be on top of the search results. This can be difficult if you run a small business, but if your profile is listed on a well-known directory, it will improve your SEO and help you to climb higher up the ranking. Online directories have a high domain authority, which means they are likely to appear higher in search results. Once customers see this and use the directory, your business will do well if your company has a listed profile.
  • Improve Your Business Reputation – Customers want to deal with a company that has an excellent reputation. When they are looking for a car garage or a local restaurant, they want to find a place that offers good value for money. Many business directories allow customers to leave a review about a product or service. This helps other customers to find a business that has a good reputation. Even negative comments can be turned around once you engage with your audience and resolve any issues they may have. These reviews can be used and shared on social media platforms to market your business.

Business directories are useful for all types of companies, especially small businesses that rely on local customers. Once you take care of your profile, it can be listed on the directory. When it is listed, it will be easy to find once a customer searches for a product or service that your business supplies.