Why Should You Opt To Repair Your Transformer Instead of Getting A New One

One of the most significant expenses a power plant owner or a manufacturing unit owner has to make is buying a transformer. Since most transformers come with a lifespan of 15-25 years, they don’t mind making this investment as they hope that it will take care of their power backup issue for the next many years. In most cases, it’s completely true. But when something goes wrong with a transformer before or around this time period, they face a lot of problems buying a new transformer. It’s a huge investment and can deeply affect anyone’s balance sheet, especially those businesses that were started recently. There is a way out of this problem if you face it ever.

In place of buying a new transformer, now you can try to repair transformer that you already have. It wasn’t possible in the past due to many reasons, but now with the improved technology and skill level of technicians, this feat can be achieved. The only thing that needs to be done is to contact someone who knows how this process is achieved. One such entity that can help you in this regard is Surplec. It’s one of the most recognized faces when it comes to the transformer market and actively involved in selling and repairing the transformer.

Why Repairing Is A Better Idea Than Buying A New Transformer

You may argue that when there are so many distributers in your area that sell new transformers, what’s the need for repairing the old one. Well, it’s as important as getting an issue fixed in your house’s sealing instead of buying a new house. You can always buy a new one, but sealing isn’t as big of an issue as the one that should prompt you to take this step. You hire an expert and get that problem fixed at a much lesser cost instead of buying a new house immediately.

Likewise, when something wrong happens with your transformer, you shouldn’t replace it with a new machine. Instead, you should get it repaired at a much lesser cost and increase its lifespan by another 5-10 years. It’s more cost-effective, easy to carry out, and smarter move as a business owner. Give it a shot and get your transformer repaired this year in a hassle-free way.

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