How Certified Financial Planners Are Redefining Freedom

Our income only matters if we are putting our money to the right use, and for unprecedented times like these we are living in, making the right financial decisions is vital for sustainability. For a nation as large as India, more than 1400 SEBI registered investment advisors and around 2K certified financial planners are insufficient to cope with the financial challenges we never envisaged. So many individuals struggle with the pressure of doing the right financial planning (even if they refuse to accept that loud and clear). Therefore seeking financial advice from an expert or a financial coach who is ethical, purpose-driven, and tech-savvy will go a long way in building a secure foundation.

Regarding technology and innovation, finance is one of the most affected industries by these two catalysts of today’s growth and renaissance. Ask any certified financial planner about how they leverage technological advancements to provide assistance and services to individuals and organizations. They will likely have the following pointers listed to enable their clients to navigate the complexities of the financial landscape.

  • Providing robo advisory services: automated platforms like Dezerv utilize algorithms to assess risks and analyze portfolios and financial data to provide hyper-personalized recommendations. It adds that personal touch and human expertise combined with a technological approach can yield surprising results with reduced cost and efficient wealth management.
  • Implementing artificial intelligence for data analysis: data is the fuel for financial advisory services across the globe because financial planning institutions like Fintoo extract valuable insights from the bulk of data. With AI’s power, they can analyze market trends, perform risk analysis and provide their clients with tailored financial solutions based on real-time data.
  • Using digital platforms to strengthen their base: the internet has transformed how we access services or shop for products, which is a boon for so many financial advisory firms that can provide remote consultations. Apart from this, they can conduct portfolio reviews and offer timely advice to their clients, being active on different social media platforms. Networking channels help them increase user engagement and stay relevant to the latest trends.
  • Using Blockchain technology for security: blockchain has gained much traction in recent years and is not limited to cryptocurrencies anymore. Fintech organizations use this technology to provide a totally secure and encrypted platform for their clients to onboard, verify identities, and facilitate transactions. It eliminates fraud and simplifies the process of complex financial transactions.
  • Propagating financial literacy on a broader spectrum: with the influx of young guns (with not so quick fuse) in the investment market and growing interest of Gen Zs and millennials in comprehensive financial knowledge. It is the burning need of the moment for large numbers of fintech institutions that can leverage digital platforms and other resources to educate folks about the key financial concepts that help them to make informed decisions. To prepare future generations to embrace the ways of modern finance, it is crucial to impart awareness about the latest trends so that nobody is left behind.

We are lucky to witness the era where technology is integral to almost all aspects of our lives, especially in nations like India, which is the breeding ground for innovative personal financial advisory companies like 1 Finance. Such organizations leave no stone unturned in amalgamating unbiased, hyper-personalized, and tech-driven approaches to provide the best services and build a sustainable ecosystem for their clients.

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